A painting in progress, though how far is hard to say.


A still life of a femur, an iPhone and plastic flowers in a jar of water. Work in progress. I like bones as organic objects and symbols of mortality, and I like also the contemplation of man’s place in the scheme of things, which he decorates with all manner of fanciful conceits. The supposed dominance of…

Das boot

Just a little still life sketch in acrylic, of a shiny boot, vase, bottle and dried artichoke.

Travel Broadens the Mind

This is a large (approx 4ft squared) study in acrylic, I wanted to play with visual language.


An ink sketch of a dead fox I chanced upon.

Still Death

Last summer I was walking on the banks of the Thames, when I chanced upon a bone.  It was small and old looking and, while I was curious about where, what…and for second even whom it had come from, I shrugged and pocketed it along with some water smoothed glass. I’ve been working on a…