Acrylic still life of femur, iPhone, jar of plastic flowers.

Work in progress.

A still life of a femur, an iPhone and plastic flowers in a jar of water. Work in progress.

I like bones as organic objects and symbols of mortality, and I like also the contemplation of man’s place in the scheme of things, which he decorates with all manner of fanciful conceits. The supposed dominance of nature, while still at mercy of her whims. The plastic flowers are perhaps a symbol of this.

In Kubrick’s Space Odyssey he illustrates the key-point evolution of man from ape through the use of a bone as a murderous tool: Thrown into the air it transforms into a space ship, another great evolutionary leap.  These leaps are marked by enigmatic slabs – markers or beacons, it is never explicitly explained – they appear to be the work of an overseeing alien intelligence. In this still life the iPhone and bone allude to this.

Bed hair

20140421-113049.jpgI woke up this morning (no blues though) and saw in the mirror my crazy bed hair sticking up and did a quick sketch in ink on a page of a large notebook already covered in doodles, hence the strange colouration of the chest as it is obscuring an ink drawing of a weird smiling woman.