Lost and found

   I remember now that she was sat opposite me and I hastily drew this sketch of her in ink as we conversed. Then sometime later I took a photo of the sketch as it lay on my table, with my notebook alongside it, and used the SketchPad app to scratch in somedefining  light and…

Bryter Crater

To begin, I made a collagraph – which is a textured plate to print from – I used glue, sand, and tearing and etching to make this: I used this and crimson ink to print on paper, then I overlaid a screen of thick tracing paper over the top to play with opacity and definition…

Das boot

Just a little still life sketch in acrylic, of a shiny boot, vase, bottle and dried artichoke.

Wing of things

Just a doodle really, I was wondering about bird wings. Amazing structures. This may become my Superhero insignia. Exploding Bird Man.


An ink sketch of a dead fox I chanced upon.

Charcoal and chalk street sketch

I took a paragraph from one of my notebooks (the first draft of one of my dust-gathering novels, in fact) and used that as source material for this sketch. From this I intend to paint a further study.

Deer me

A pencil sketch of a deer from a park.