Acid reflux 

This is my first attempt at aquatint, which is a process where you erode an etching using different amounts of time immersing it in acid, while protecting elements you want to remain untouched with painted on varnish. You also cover the etching in a fine dust of particles for further texture and definition.  It’s a…

Trunk and disorderly

I love elephants. I just love them. I bathed with one once, she was like a great gentle, playful giant and I was like a rubber duck to her, I suppose. Anyway, I did a sketch of an elephant and tried to transfer it into Lino, cutting away with a little chisel. Here’s a print…

Bryter Crater

To begin, I made a collagraph – which is a textured plate to print from – I used glue, sand, and tearing and etching to make this: I used this and crimson ink to print on paper, then I overlaid a screen of thick tracing paper over the top to play with opacity and definition…

To scale

A dry point print of some discarded fish heads. Ink on paper.

Turtle recall

Experimenting with printmaking again, with some mixed results: Original sketch:


This is a sketch of a lobotomised skull – from which I made a monotype print. You can own this work. (opens a new window)