Here’s an A2 acrylic painting in progress that emerged over a couple of hours. From an exercise that involved looking at matchboxes for inspiration. Somewhat broad, but there might be something ‘striking’ there.


I hate my stupid face. And I love it, and I hate it. What is a self portrait: An act of vanity, fantasy, of self-loathing? All? None? How can we even paint ourselves when we don’t even see ourselves as others do? Or how can we represent ourselves when so much of our selves is…


A still life of a femur, an iPhone and plastic flowers in a jar of water. Work in progress. I like bones as organic objects and symbols of mortality, and I like also the contemplation of man’s place in the scheme of things, which he decorates with all manner of fanciful conceits. The supposed dominance¬†of…

Das boot

Just a little still life sketch in acrylic, of a shiny boot, vase, bottle and dried artichoke.

Travel Broadens the Mind

This is a large (approx 4ft squared) study in acrylic, I wanted to play with visual language.

The souls progress through the abattoir

This painting has some way to go still. I don’t get to work on it often. In case you’re wondering about the title, the sentence deliberately has ambiguous meanings but the key implied meaning is the one for which the grammar is correct – i.e. a description of a plurality of souls in the act…