Fish oils

Playing with oil paint, to depict two fish and a lemon

Pail fire

First version Experimenting with oil paint, a first pass at a bucket on a paint marked floor.

Self paw-trait

‘Mirrors and copulation are abominable because they increase the numbers of men’ Borges. I painted two self portraits last night. One using finger painting – which I don’t think I’ve done since I was a child – and the other using brushes: Finger painting on left. Brush work on right


Here’s an A2 acrylic painting in progress that emerged over a couple of hours. From an exercise that involved looking at matchboxes for inspiration. Somewhat broad, but there might be something ‘striking’ there.


A painting in progress, though how far is hard to say.


I hate my stupid face. And I love it, and I hate it. What is a self portrait: An act of vanity, fantasy, of self-loathing? All? None? How can we even paint ourselves when we don’t even see ourselves as others do? Or how can we represent ourselves when so much of our selves is…


A still life of a femur, an iPhone and plastic flowers in a jar of water. Work in progress. I like bones as organic objects and symbols of mortality, and I like also the contemplation of man’s place in the scheme of things, which he decorates with all manner of fanciful conceits. The supposed dominance of…

Das boot

Just a little still life sketch in acrylic, of a shiny boot, vase, bottle and dried artichoke.

Travel Broadens the Mind

This is a large (approx 4ft squared) study in acrylic, I wanted to play with visual language.