Lost and found

   I remember now that she was sat opposite me and I hastily drew this sketch of her in ink as we conversed. Then sometime later I took a photo of the sketch as it lay on my table, with my notebook alongside it, and used the SketchPad app to scratch in somedefining  light and…

Turtle recall

Experimenting with printmaking again, with some mixed results: Original sketch:

Bed hair

I woke up this morning (no blues though) and saw in the mirror my crazy bed hair sticking up and did a quick sketch in ink on a page of a large notebook already covered in doodles, hence the strange colouration of the chest as it is obscuring an ink drawing of a weird smiling…

Wing of things

Just a doodle really, I was wondering about bird wings. Amazing structures. This may become my Superhero insignia. Exploding Bird Man.


An ink sketch of a dead fox I chanced upon.


This is a sketch of a lobotomised skull Рfrom which I made a monotype print. You can own this work. (opens a new window)